WEP construction started with Winter Works 2021 package which focused on the Shepparton East area.

The project team and contractors dealt with a wetter than average winter, but still managed to:
   • Automate 21 km of channel
   • Treat 50 outlets
   • Upgrade 25 Regulators

The work has contributed to the project’s first gigalitre of water savings and has further modernised the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District by enabling the implementation of Total Channel Control across more of the system.

The team is now planning for work that will be carried out during the irrigation season.  Work will be completed in consultation with irrigators, to ensure minimal impacts on irrigators requirements.  The type of work that will be completed during the irrigation season will include meter replacements, some channel decommissioning and pipeline installation. We are planning to treat 77 outlets and 10 km of channel during the winter season. We are also preparing for 2022 Winter works which will be the biggest program of WEP work.  

WEP is expected to be completed in 2023.