Community Update

Project Update - July 2022

We were honoured to have the Minister for Water visit us recently to celebrate WEP reaching its halfway milestone.


I am pleased to announce that WEP has now reached its halfway milestone.

We have reached this exciting milestone ahead of schedule, which is a great accomplishment.

To celebrate reaching around 8 GL of water savings(subject to audit), the WEP team hosted the Minister for Water, Harriet Shing,in Shepparton recently.

The team was able to show Minister Shing the excellent progress WEP is making on a tour of some of our Winter Works sites, which is the biggest program of work we’ve undertaken so far.

As you can see below, WEP works span the entire Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID), and the 2022 Winter Works are reflective of this. This is a big project with many moving parts. I am grateful to the WEP team for their efforts and the community for working with us to make it happen.

The Minister Visits WEP

We were honoured to have the Minister for Water visitus recently to celebrate WEP reaching its halfway milestone.


The Minister toured a WEP site at Waaia, north ofShepparton, to see some of the works we are undertaking this winter. The worksat Waaia are part of our 2022 Winter Works program, which is WEP’s biggest.


This winter, we are installing 24 km of new GMWpipeline, decommissioning 60 km of channels, and treating over 300 outletsacross the GMID. This work will provide infrastructure upgrades andimprovements to more than 350 customers.


We enjoyed showing the Minister the fantastic workwe’re completing in our community and thank her for coming to celebrate WEP’sachievements.

Above: Minister for Water Harriet Shing MP, GMW Chair Diane James, GMW Managing Director Charmaine Quick and the Hon. Patrick McNamara join the WEP project team at Waaia