About the Water Efficiency Project

The Water Efficiency Project (WEP) has followed in the footsteps of the successful Connections Project, enhancing the agricultural productivity and overall prosperity of our region.

Funded by the Australian Government for $177.5 million, WEP has delivered 15.9 GL of annual water savings by improving water efficiency and irrigation standards for over 1000 customers across the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District.

The successful delivery of WEP has also reduced ongoing asset liability and costs for Goulburn-Murray Water, and in turn our customers.

Recovering water

The WEP was an off-farm modernisation project, meaning the project achieved its water savings by focusing on the ageing assets that deliver water to private farms.

The water recovered for the environment through WEP does not take water from the consumptive pool; the savings have been made by reducing water lost through less efficient delivery methods.