The team will consult with landowners on proposed changes that affect their existing service.

A crucial part of the WEP team are our landowner liaisons. They have a forward plan of the program and reach out to landowners to discuss potential improvements in your area. This in turn helps us develops WEPs forward program.  The landowner engagement process will vary depending on the type of work affecting individual landowners.

The earlier landowners engage with the Project Team, the sooner we are able to understand and address any specific issues relating to our proposed works.  It will also allow landowners as long as possible to consider any potential offers or review any on-farm works proposals prepared by the Project Team.  

If you are invited to a group channel, it is important you attend. This will ensure you are informed of the proposed plans as early as possible and are able to provide input into the planning process.

For more information about the landowner process, please read the landowner guides:
    • Landowner guide to operational rules
    • Landowner guide

Group ChanNel meetings

Where a landowner agreement is required, we start the process by sending an introductory letter inviting Landowners to a Group Channel meeting. At this stage we also provide Landowners with the details of the Project Manager who will be the point of contact throughout the Landowner Agreement process.

Group Channel Meetings are the first step in our engagement with landowners. When a landowner gets a letter, GMW will have already completed some preliminary planning on the relevant channel or group of channels to inform the initial discussion.

To learn more about group channel meetings you can read the factsheet here


At the group channel meeting the WEP Team will present their concept reconfiguration plans to landowners, these are referred to as Desktop Concept Reconfiguration Plans and are specific to the channel which services each property.

An outline of the reconfiguration process is included below.

To learn more about the reconfiguration process you can read the factsheet here