The Water Efficiency Project (WEP) involved updating the network to help improve water efficiency and level of service for GMW customers. Here’s a look at some of the key elements in this program of works.

Automatic Systems

To improve the supply of water to landowners, we replaced dethridge wheels and manually operated regulators with modernised infrastructure.
Most of these can be controlled and operated by GMW at our Tatura office.

Electronic Flow Meters

We installed electronic flow meters to provide us with accurately measuring flow rate and volume.
These replaced old meters, providing us with greater accuracy. They are also compliant with national standards.

Channel Automation

To provide us with better measurement and management of water flows, we modernised the formerly manually-operated regulating structures in the channel.

Total Control

Regulators control the flow and level of water in the channel system and meters control the flow of water onto farmland.
We modernised the regulators and most of the modernised meters are linked into the Total Channel Control system, where they can be operated and monitored from our GMW office in Tatura.

Pipeline Installation

Parts of the existing open channel system were replaced with pipelines.
These pipelines can be either gravity or pressurised or both. Pipelines are often considered highly efficient and able to provide a high level of service.