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Project Update - April 2022

We’re continuing to make great progress on the Water Efficiency Project (WEP) as the Project enters its second year.


We’re continuing to make great progress on the Water Efficiency Project (WEP) as the Project enters its second year.

The team has been working hard to deliver In-Season works in northern Victoria, which have modernised supply and contributed to our water savings objectives. We have decommissioned or upgraded 10km of channels during these works and treated 77 outlets.

Last month we welcomed Mark Gepp, Member for Northern Victoria Region, and other project stakeholders on a visit to our works in Nanneella.

The team were proud to show these guests the improvements made to the water supply in this small town and highlight the benefits to the Nanneella Estate Primary School community.

We are now preparing for the Winter Works 2022 package.This package will be delivered during the regular irrigation shutdown to minimise the impact on landowners.

Finally, I’m pleased to confirm that WEP has now achieved3GL inwater savings. With a busy Winter Works program planned, we are ontrack for the Project’s target of 15.9GL annual water savings by mid-2023.

Frank Fisseler - Project Director


Project stakeholders visited Nanneella recently to tour the works and hear from local students about how the works have improved their school.

The visit comes as the team celebrate WEP’s on time delivery of 3GL in water savings, which the Nanneella works contributed to.

Project stakeholders visited the works at Nanneella
“It’s fantastic to see the great work being delivered under WEP and the difference it’s making to communities across the region” - Mark Gepp, Member for Northern Victoria Region, March 2022.


Nanneella, south of Echuca, has been a focus of our In-Season works during the last few months. These works have delivered water efficiencies and safety improvements to the town and the local primary school.

The works at Nanneella involved:

  • Replacement of an open channel system with a new 900 metre pipeline
  • Installation of two 45 000L tanks at the primary school
  • Filling in a dam on school grounds

The new pipeline connects 14 properties and the school to better quality, more reliable water supply. During the irrigation season, the tanks at the school can now be filled, providing greater water security for staff and students. The school is also now safer without the open dam.

The works at Nanneella were brought about in part because of a dedicated community who advocated for them tirelessly, including local Brett Gledhill and WEP Project Control Group Stakeholder Representative Richard Anderson.

“We’ve been advocating for this for a while now. It’s a great outcome for the town and the school. I’m glad to see Goulburn-Murray Water getting this done for the community and for the kids” - Richard Anderson, March 2022.

    (L-R): Luke O’Connor (WEP), Mark Gepp, Brett Gledhill, Richard Anderson, and Warren Blyth (GMW) in front of the new water tanks at Nanneella Estate Primary School


Preparations for Winter Works are well underway, with the team finalising the detailed design of these works and commencing the procurement process. We will share more information about these works before they are due to begin in May.